Advanced materials

Lightweight E-Bike (Leaos Bike)
Adhesive techniques

The term "advanced materials" is often used to describe Key Enabling Technologies regarding the modification and improvement of components which, as a result, exhibit avantgard properties and higher added value.

These materials, compared to conventional ones, show an improved performance in very demanding environments or processes. They also offer additional advantages over conventional materials in terms of physical-chemical properties (e.g. conductivity, weight, durability).

Light weight construction represents one application of these Key Enabling Technologies searching out the intelligent reduction of mass that can contribute to improve the resource efficiency. Not only the costs of material supply are reduced, but the products become lighter and hence transportation costs can also be diminished. Therefore the introduction of light weight materials represents a step further in the development of new and innovative designs.

Another related technology is the development of adhesive techniques using paste or glue being used in a wide range of applications fulfilling the strictest requirements of code standards that deal with light weight objects or new material combinations.

Advanced materials in Tirol, Südtirol und Treviso

Advanced material technologies can be found in many areas of the economy, research and qualification in the regions of Tyrol, South Tyrol and Treviso.

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