Simulation & Rapid Prototyping

Numerical Simulation
Rapid Prototyping

Throughout time, Numerical Simulation and Rapid Prototyping have perfomed key roles in the evolution of product development and process innovation in combination with the classical 2D and 3D computer-aid modelling (CAD / CAM).

Numerical simulation represents a valuable instrument to optimize product features in design phases, material efficiency and sustainability. Therefore, the cost of scaled modelling prototypes can be reduced since a better knowledge of the product behavior can be priorly achieved by numerical analyses. 

Computer-aid engineering (CAE) has become an essencial tool to model many systems and processes among a wide variety of fields such as the behavior of structures subjected to stresses and fatigue, logistic systems, wear of industrial components, financial markets forecasting, reservoir simulation, traffic engineering, wheather forecasting and a large etc.

By using the so-called multiphysics simulation, it is recently possible to simulate two or more physical phenomena at the same time and their interaction. Therefore, a better representation of the reality can be achieved by considering coupled analyses instead of taking into account just one single effect.

On the other hand, Rapid Prototyping allows transforming computer CAD models into solid 3D models in few hours. Within the large variety of production technologies existing, 3D-Printing stands out in the production of colored concept models just in few hours.

Simulation & Rapid Prototyping in Tyrol, South Tyrol and Treviso

Numerical simulation and Rapid Prototyping can be found in many areas of the economy, research and qualification in the regions of Tyrol, South Tyrol and Treviso.

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